The year of 2015 had been full of ups and downs for me… as usual. But all in all, is a better year for me as compared to 2014. Maybe my mindset has changed, maybe I started to appreciate things more, maybe this, and maybe that. Anyway, it’s my usual practice to review my year and to project what’s coming next and get myself prepared for it.

In terms of work, it has been a rather stressful year. Sorry if I had grumbled too much about it on social media or chatting with you. I have been trying hard to realign my jobscope and after numerous feedback with my boss, hopefully things will start to get better next year. If there’s a chance for career advancement or move I will certainly consider as well. But all in all, I think I’m good to last for another year or so on my current job. Department ambiance has always been pretty good, so hopefully things will started to work out eventually.

In terms of my life, I have spent more time focused in tackling my existing health issues in the year of 2015. Been keeping up the routine to cure my back pain issue, and will try to keep it up for the next year. Dental appointment coming soon to settle my long dragging wisdom tooth issue as well, and hopefully I can get a solution to clear the problem on my finger and toe joints too my next year. Also, I have been thinking about whether to go for a lasik surgery, but that is not my main priority for now and it is not really a necessity as well.

I have been writing lesser and lesser over this blog, and I didn’t managed to write any story this year for myself. Most of my attention had been dedicated to photography area. Anyway, on and off when I have some new ideas I will note them down and hopefully one day I’ll get the time to sit down and start writing away. Though I’m less active over here, I’m rather active in posting on my other photography blog. I’m almost posting on weekly basis, and hopefully I can keep up the momentum next year.

I have not been reading that much, but I’m glad I did finished a couple of books this year, but mostly they are on photography topic. Will try to get some reading going on other books as well, like self improvement, biography and etc. Most of my readings were done on my phone, so buying a large screen phone is probably my best investment so far in 2015.

I’ll talk more about my photography stuff on my photography blog instead. If you are interested to know more, do head over. The post is not up yet at the moment though 🙂

Life with my family… as usual. Nothing much has changed. Life with my girlfriend… there were ups and downs as well, but hopefully we can stay together and continue to move on. The great thing about 2015 is that I get to know a lot of new friends from all walks of life, and I get to know some of them more, to the better or worse.

For self development, I’m also considering taking up courses and further study. There are still a lot of details to be iron out before I can proceed. But I do hope things will work out eventually. I’ll be turning 30 years old by next year. I really need to get things work for my life, and get myself ready for… say the next 30 years to come.

So, what lies ahead of 2016 for me? I wonder. But for myself, I’ll continue to strive for improvement in terms of my health and life. I’ll try to streamline everything, narrow them down, getting rid of all the clutters and things that are useless or unwanted. I need to make myself more productive. And I need to start and add value to myself. That pretty much sums up my direction for 2016. Hopefully it will be a good year ahead.

Wait, what? When will I get married? Hmm… please wait patiently.

And on the matter of “streamlining”, I’ll officially close down this blog and this will mark the final post here. It’s not like I’ll stop blogging. I’ll be merging this blog with my photography blog instead. So moving forward, if you still want to keep in touch with me, you can follow me on facebook or instagram or linkedin or my photography blog. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to write and to post. If you can still recall, the reason I’m still writing is just because I want to continue to document my life. It doesn’t really matter whether if there’s anyone reading on what I’d posted here.

Till then, thank you and goodbye 2015.